Vehicle Register

The AFV Society are looking to maintain an on-line register of all Alvis vehicles. We would be most grateful if you could forward details of any privately owned vehicles so that we can add them to the register. More...

Film & TV

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At the AFV Society, we have been asked to provide support and services to both the Film and Television industry. The list below are just some of the programmes, films and projects we have been asked to work on:

'Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter' - Ubisoft
'Children of Men' - Film
'Armoured Speed' - TV (Discovery Channel)
'A Very Social Secretary' - TV (C4)
'Top Gear' - TV (BBC)
'Ride On' - TV (C4)
'House of Cards' - TV (BBC)
'The Final Cut' - TV (BBC)
'Noel's House Party' - TV (BBC)
'The Hustle' - TV (BBC)


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