Vehicle Register

The AFV Society are looking to maintain an on-line register of all Alvis vehicles. We would be most grateful if you could forward details of any privately owned vehicles so that we can add them to the register. More...

About Us

The Alvis Fighting Vehicle Society, as the name suggests, has its interests in all the various Armoured Fighting Vehicles produced by Alvis. The society was formed in 2005 after the founding members decided to pool resources and knowledge to benefit anyone seeking to collect, renovate and show these vehicles.

The Society has grown considerably as has the general interest in post WWII armour, the excellent build quality; ease of maintenance and affordability of these vehicles has seen an increase in their popularity. The total number of vehicles now in the care of the society exceeds fifty and can boast the only collection of all the 10 CVR(T) marques, including some rare variants such as the Scorpion 90 and the Streaker.

The AFV Society has a large member base with a thriving website attracting many visitors seeking knowledge of these vehicles either through the forum or chat room. The site also provides place to buy and sell parts and vehicles together with an international register providing an interesting insight as to where all these vehicles are now ending up. Also provided is an extensive photo gallery for members’ vehicles, rebuilds and the various events attended.

This year the AFV Society will be hosting its 4th military vehicle show Tanks, Trucks & Firepower from its base in Warwickshire. Updates for this can be found on the website.

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